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How to choose a quality TPU film manufacturer

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Edit time : 2020-06-15

The TPU film referred to here is an industrial adhesive, also known as TPU hot melt film products.Tpu film is mainly suitable for the composite and adhesion of arts and crafts.Tpu thin film domestic demand is relatively large, the large demand is bound to drive the rapid development of the seller's market.On the current industry market and comprehensive consideration of the raw material market near the stage of instability, it can be said that demand is greater than supply!

Tpu film has several characteristics: low compound temperature, high elasticity, good waterproof performance, good air permeability.These characteristics of its application in leather, shoe materials, microfiber, mobile phone leather cases, computer bags, clothing, sports fabrics, ceramics, textiles and other industries when the composite use better adaptability!The wide application industry increases the market demand for TPU thin film, and there is still a gap between the existing domestic production capacity distribution and the overall demand market.

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Having said so much, I simply sum up how to choose tPU film manufacturer:

1. There is a reason why the brand awareness in the industry is high in popularity. Although it cannot be taken as the final standard, it has a high reference value;2. Production scale: The production scale can be said to be a side reflection of the product quality of the enterprise. It is difficult for the enterprise to develop into a large-scale without excellent product quality;3. Product processing and production equipment: If it is necessary to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship, it is the best way to visit the factory.Field study of the factory's production status, capacity, etc., so as to build confidence in cooperation.

4. Service quality of the enterprise: The service includes communication in the early stage, communication in the middle stage and after-sales technical support. The service quality provided by the enterprise is also an important reference.