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TPU materials for a wide range of applications and development prospects

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Edit time : 2020-06-15

1. Development prospect of TPU

TPU is mainly used for inflatable products, health care/medical products, vacuum forming, magnetic tape, foam of cushion, belt, protective layer, liner, etc.

At present, China mainly produces low-end TPU, so China's domestic high-end market has huge development potential.TPU has great application prospect in many fields. TPU is mainly used in melting and spinning spandex, shoe material industry, synthetic leather industry, film industry, hose and cable industry, caster industry, adhesive industry, etc.However, at the same time, they are also facing strong substitute competition in many fields. Only by constantly innovating and investing, increasing IN-DEPTH RESEARCH and development of TPU, and reducing production costs, can domestic TPU producers achieve sustainable development and promote TPU products to more fields.

2. TPU is widely used in the following fields:

Footwear: TPU is widely used in footwear production. It is mainly used as sole material and shoe accessories, such as signage, buckle, ornament, outer layer of sole, transparent upper, etc. It can replace rubber, thermoplastic polyolefin and other materials.

Hoses: TPU hoses are widely used for gas transmission and oil transportation of aircraft, tanks, cars, motorcycles, machine tools and other mechanical equipment.TPU tube has the advantages of good flexibility, stable size, transparency, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, no pollution, pressure resistance and so on.

Melt-spun spandex: The melt-spun spandex produced with fibre-grade TPU is characterized by good elasticity, easy downstream processing, no pollution, long storage life, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance.

Automobile: mainly used for exterior parts of automobile body, fenders, main side parts, coupling, bumper, shaft liner, gasket, sealing ring, wing nut, instrument cover and oil pipe bushing, etc.

Sheath for wires and cables: Insulation must be protected from climatic, environmental, hydrolytic and other physical damage.TPU can meet the demanding requirements of the field, with excellent low temperature flexibility, weather resistance, moisture resistance and antibacterial properties.

Films and sheets: The films and sheets produced by TPU have excellent low temperature flexibility, good wear resistance and tear resistance, good transparency, easy coloring, etc.Its main applications include lifeboats, life jackets, raincoats, conveyor belts and collapsible storage tanks.

Adhesives: widely used in surface treatment of nylon, polyester and PU fabrics and leather, with chemical resistance, uv resistance, hydrolysis resistance, low temperature flexibility, high elongation, bending fatigue performance and other characteristics.

Varnish and ink: TPU adhesive can be mixed with pigments and solvents to prepare varnish and ink.Varnish and ink can be sprayed or printed on different substrates. The main applications are sports shoes, handbags, umbrellas, upholstery, toys, etc.

Solution coating: TPU can be directly coated or transferred coated.Fabrics coated with PVC or polyurethane and coated with TPU solution can be used to produce high-performance products instead of leather for upholster, handbags, suitcases and other products.

Antistatic and conductive materials: studies have shown that the failure of 25%-75% electrical components is related to the accumulation of static electricity, thermoplastic alloy can be permanent antistatic, without the danger and pollution of static electricity.