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Product characteristics of TPU hot melt adhesive film

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Edit time : 2020-06-15

Tpu hot-melt film can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting types according to its service characteristics. It has the following characteristics:

1, has a good consistent, uniform bonding thickness 2, easy to process, no solvent, easy to process;

3. Good adhesion to many objects;

4. The thickness is 0.1-0.203mm and the color is translucent/amber;

5, can be blanked into accurate shapes and sizes, suitable for purely manual or automated applications.

Product application:

Can bond metal, plastic, paper, wood, ceramics, textiles and other materials, in the uneven surface of the object can also get good results;It is mainly used for adhesion of nameplate, plastic and hardware, adhesion of metal shell of electronic products, adhesion of reinforcement plate, laminated adhesion of smart card and chip-type passport, adhesion of window frame and front cover of mobile phone, adhesion of battery slot of camera, etc.

Major international brands and models:

3M: 3M615, 3M668, 3M583, etc.

TESA: TESA8432, TESA8475, etc.

Scarpa: H193, H192, etc.