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Development trend of TPU hot melt film industry

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Edit time : 2020-06-15

With TPU hot melt adhesive as raw materials for the production of hot melt adhesive film series in the hot glue industry has been popular, become a kind of new composite material, and can be used in different industries, bringing the Gospel to more and more enterprises, it is a revolution of industrial production, is a kind of inevitable trend of development of hot melt adhesive film industry!

The scale of hot melt film market in Mainland China has become the largest market of hot melt adhesive in the world several years ago.Although the scale of the hot melt adhesive market in Mainland China is large, its annual growth rate is still the fastest in the world.With the rapid development of domestic industry, textile industry, clothing industry and so on, the demand for thermal bonding process is also increasingly strong. Hot-melt adhesive film occupies a very important position in the whole composite market!

In the current situation, hot melt film has a firm foothold, but the development will always meet a bottleneck.There are many problems to be solved in the reproduction of hot melt film, such as environmental protection requirements, applicable industry, such as quality control and so on.This series of problems need to be solved!First, let's talk about environmental protection!Hot melt glue enterprise development tuyere is environmental protection, as people's living standard rises with each passing day, people also is higher and higher to environmental protection quality requirement.In recent years, China has carried out around the voc emission control and environmental protection situation increasingly tightens, people environmental protection consciousness has increased, the related legal policy is also more and more strict, the domestic environmental situation is very serious in our country, so the hot melt adhesive of environmental protection should be as an important turning point in the enterprise development, enterprise only for positioning, accurate, can grasp the opportunity and to win.Secondly, the rapid development of hot melt adhesive industry forces innovation, only constant innovation can keep up with the pace of the industry, innovation can be from the quality, differentiation, service and so on.I believe that hot melt film in the near future will be used in more and more industries to go!